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How Do I Know RAM Charger Is Installed?


(Tech0032A -- 06/10/98)


RAM Charger is active improving your memory :

  • If the RAM Charger traffic light shows up during startup, without a Red "X" XIcon, then RAM Charger is active in your system and is enhancing memory for enabled applications. (Make sure that RAM Charger is enabled in your Extension Manager and on in the General Settings)

Beyond this, a bunch of other stuff is provided and is enabled during installation. However, because the RAM Charger interface is highly configurable using our General Settings window, it is possible to disable these outward signs, and still have RAM Charger working for you :

  • Menu Bar Pull-DownThe RAM Charger menu should appear to the right in your menu bar showing Total Free Memory. (this menu may be disabled in the General Settings window, and the value/graphic shown in the menu bar can be altered by selecting/deselecting "value" items in the menu)


  • Get Info Window AdditionOpening the Finder's Get Info window for a file of "Kind: application program" should show "RAM Charger Memory Requirements". (this may be disabled in the General Settings window, and does not work on non-US or non-Japanese systems)


  • More About This Mac HdrMore About This Mac should open instead of Apple's About This Mac when you select "About This Macintosh" (or "About This Computer" in OS 8) from the Finder's Apple Menu. (this may be disabled if More About This Mac has been "disabled" in the Extension Manager)

RAM Charger's memory enhancements are visible for each application:

  1. Pull Down Menu EntriesIn the Menu Bar Pull-Down menu when an application is in the front (Available/Reserved/Saved/Expanded).


  2. More About This MacIn More About This Mac as RAM Charged applications with a fuzzy bar to the right side grow and shrink while they operate.


  3. In Apple's About This Mac by the fact that an application bar will be smaller, may be full without the application running out of memory, and that System Bar may grow and shrink as applications use extra memory.



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