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What is More About This Mac (MATM) and "Pro"?


(Tech0009A -- 06/10/98)

More About This Mac is an enhanced replacement for Apple's About This Mac window.

MATM Window - Two Views
Two views of More About This Mac Window (zoomed in and out), to show its variable size and positioning. Normally one would not see both views at the same time. The smaller view is common when used as an application "launcher/switcher".


Full MATM Manual Here

Apple's About This Mac window groups unknown memory with the "system bar". The result is that RAM Charged applications do not show their "expansion" in Apple's About This Mac window when they grow and shrink dynamically. Instead, Apple's About This Mac window displays the dynamic changes in the "system bar".

More About This Mac understands RAM Charged applications, and shows them as they grow and shrink dynamically. As a result, "More About This Mac [Lite] " was developed to supplement RAM Charger, and a free version is provided with all copies of RAM Charger.

Does MATM require RAM Charger 8?

More About This Mac works with all versions of RAM Charger and OptiMem, as well as on machines without RAM Charger.

What is MATM "PRO"?

The "Pro" enhancement to "More About This Mac [Lite]" adds functionality which is not contained in the free "Lite" version. This includes the following items which are described in detail in the More About This Mac manual, directly accessible using these links:


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