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What version of RAM Charger do I have?


(Tech0005A -- 03/03/98)

RAM Charger has gone through name changes over the years:

OptiMem - all version 1.
OptiMem RAM Charger - all version 2
RAM Charger - all version 3
RAM Charger 8 - all version 8

There are a number of way you can determine what version of RAM Charger you have:

Get Info

If you have the RAM Charger "Heads-Up" window open, then you must close it to avoid a MacOS bug. Then, do a find file for "OptiMem" and/or "RAM Charger". Pick a file of one of these exact names in your extensions or control panels folder. You should have only one. Do a "Get Info" on the file.

If you get a version "N/A", then you must restart your computer and be sure the "Heads-Up" window is closed before doing a Get Info. If the control panel is open showing the "Heads-Up", then the Finder cannot get the version and will continue to report version "N/A" until the computer is restart (this may be fixed in more recent versions fo Mac OS).

Open The Control Panel

OptiMem (version 1) shows the version at the bottom of the Control Panel.

Some intermediate version of RAM Charger do not show the version in the control panel.

Most later versions of OptiMem RAM Charger, and RAM Charger show the version in the "Heads-Up" window. This is accessed from the Control Panels folder in earlier versions of OptiMem RAM Charger and RAM Charger, and accessed from the RAM Charger Pull-Down Menu in the menu bar in RAM Charger 8 (which opens the RAM Charger control panel from the extensions folder).

About RAM Charger Settings

In OptiMem RAM Charger and RAM Charger, you can select "About RAM Charger Settings" from the Apple Menu when when the "RAM Charger Settings For Individual Applications" window is open. The version is displayed in the lower right.

Examine Your License

With any purchase of OptiMem, OptiMem RAM Charger, or RAM Charger, you are provided with a license called a "serial ID". If you purchased directly from Jump Development Group, then this license would have been sent to you printed along on the same 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper with your transaction receipt, or in an email message if you purchased electronically - either way we have it on file in our database. If you purchased directly from xyz, your license is printed inside the front of your manual. If you purchased from any other outlet, your license was provided in the box on a 6 x 5 sheet of paper, perforated for one half to be mail back in - and perhaps we have it on file in our database.

OptiMem version 1 Licenses: XXXX-XXXX-XXXXA

OptiMem RAM Charger version 2 : XXXX-XXXX-XXXXB

RAM Charger version 3: XXXX-XXXX-XXXXB


Examine Your Original Disk

If your installation disk contains a folder called "RAM Charger Installation", you may look inside the folder "No User Servicable Past Inside" and do a Get Info on the "Preferences" file. Otherwise, you must start the installer and switch to "Custom Install" and access the "info" about the system extension.

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