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RAM Charger 8 HTML Manual


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Late Breaking "Read Me First" Info


Jump Start

Quick tour


Files installed on startup disk
Detailed steps to install RAM Charger
General system configuration issues
System requirements
Removing or de-installing RAM Charger
Updates posted for free downloading


What RAM Charger does
What RAM Charger doesn't do


Memory used by application software

Memory requirements of open applications
Applications slow to release unused memory
Applications that take memory before needed

Memory used by system software

Blocking expansion of system memory
Reducing memory used by system software

Running out of memory



RAM Charger Pull-down Menu

Essential Info
More Available to System
Application Memory Info

Heads-up information window
Additional Feedback

Notify When System/Finder is Blocked
Low memory early warning

More About This Mac

What happened to my About this Macintosh ?
Disabling More About This Mac
Memory Bars
Application Switcher
What If No RAM Charger?


Enhanced Get Info Window
RAM Charger Settings for individual applications

Application selection and Operation
Basic RAM Charger settings
RAM Charger Settings Wizard
Fine Tuning Applications

Greedy Applications
Shy Applications

Advanced RAM Charger settings

UnCharged memory needs
Starting memory size
RAM Charged method
Exaggerate size
Reserved memory

Breaking in new applications
Clear RAM Charger Settings
Restore RAM Charger Settings
Importing and Exporting RAM Charger Settings

RAM Charger General Settings

RAM Charger On
Revert to Defaults


Pause for Shift Key
Auto-Open Heads-up
Auto-Stretch System/Finder


Automatically Open New Applications in Minimum or Preferred Size
Notify When First RAM Charging Applications
Shortcut keys to switch RAM Charging on or off
Access RAM Charger Settings in Get Info Windows


Notify When System/Finder is Blocked
Low memory early warning level
Optional information update rate


Menu Bar Entry
Megabyte Sizes in RAM Charger Menu
Apple Menu Item


Questions & Answers
Getting help
Bugs? What bugs?
Disabling RAM Charger
Technical support
RAM Charger updates

(RContentsA -- 03/17/98)

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