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We recommend that you do the full or "Easy" install whether you are currently using a previous version of RAM Charger or not. This will convert and merge any previous preferences and application settings into the new RAM Charger's settings.
1The Easy Install process will also install a free bonus control panel, More About This Mac.2

The installer will remove out-of-date RAM Charger files found on your disk. However, only the standard folder locations indicated below will be searched. If you have moved any of the files to a different location, the installer might not remove them and you may wish to do so yourself in order to avoid having two copies installed.


Files installed on
startup disk

Installation does not make any hidden changes to your disk or alter your system files in any way. It creates seven or eight new files on your startup disk: RAM Charger and MercutioHUnlockPatch in your Extensions folder, RAM Charger General Settingsand More About This Macin your Control Panels folder, and the RAM Charger Settings application, RAM Charger Active(created during operation), More About This Mac Preferences, and RAM Charger Preferences in the Preferences folder (with a possible copy called RAM Charger Preferences Backup). The RAM Charger Documentationfolder will also be copied to the disk selected for installation.


Detailed steps to
install RAM Charger


  1. Disable all extensions by restarting the computer while holding down the Shift key.3
  2. Insert the disk and double-click or open the RAM Charger Installericon. (To find the Installer, you might need to double-click or open the RAM Charger Installationdisk icon.)
  3. The Read Me Firstdocument will be displayed at this time. Please take a moment to read the license and review the other notes.
  4. Click Installwhen you reach the main installer dialog box.4

    Note when reinstalling:If RAM Charger was already in use on your startup disk, the installer will automatically maintain any preferences you have set or any new application parameters RAM Charger has learned. If, on the other hand, you wish to start fresh, and replace any previous preferences, use the Custom Installoption to install the preferences. Then be sure to click the button to Replaceyour preferences, when asked, rather than Update them.

  5. When prompted, enter your name organization, and Serial ID5(as provided on your receipt or registration card) and then click OK. This dialog is then displayed a second time, when installing More About This Mac -- normally you will simply accept the same personalization for the second install.
  6. Click Restartwhen the installation is complete.
  7. While the computer is restarting fill out the registration card and drop it in the mail. (Purchases direct from the publisher might provide automatic registration and thus not include a return card.)

If you have any difficulties in the installation or use of RAM Charger, refer to the Troubleshootingsection. Also look in RAM Charger Read Me First, located in the RAM Charger Documentation folder, for any addendum.


General system
configuration issues


If your computer's available free memory is very limited, there are a number of useful suggestions in the section on Reducing memory used by system software, in addition to the following two:

If you have more than 8 megabytes of memory, check that 32-bit Addressingis turned on in the Memory control panel. This can make a lot more memory available to your programs, on some Macintosh models.

If you are using a Power Macintosh computer, you will usually benefit from turning on virtual memory in the Memory control panel. Apple recommends that you do this, to allow much more flexible and efficient management of memory used by Power Mac native applications. (However, performance may suffer in some situations when using virtual memory or RAM doubling techniques.)


System requirements


RAM Charger works with any Macintosh computer running System 7 or later (including the latest MacOS 8). On Power Macintosh computers, RAM Charger also supports the optional Modern Memory Manager. (And, it overcomes several problems in Apple's Memory Manager code that can cause system bombs and loss of data when used without RAM Charger.)

RAM Charger can be used along with (or without) virtual memory software such as System 7's Virtual Memory option or RAM DoublerTM. RAM Charger is different from, and complementary to, these memory extenders and is effective at RAM Charging the expanded memory provided, if you do use one of them.

We have gone to great lengths to make RAM Charger as space efficient as possible. While in operation, it uses only about 75K bytes of memory with 68K Macs or 210K bytes with Power Macs. It uses about 20K bytes more while the Heads-upwindow is displayed or an additional 150 K bytes while the More About This Mac window is open. The installation takes about 1,400 K bytes on the startup disk plus any documentation files kept on-line.

There are two methods of removing RAM Charger completely from a startup disk: by using the RAM Charger Installerprogram or by deleting the files by hand. (To remove RAM Charger temporarily, see the section on Disabling RAM Charger.) To use RAM Charger Installer:


Removing or
RAM Charger


  1. Insert the RAM Charger disk and double-click or open the RAM Charger Installer icon.
  2. Select Custom Install(from the Easy Install pop-up menu) when you reach the main installer dialog.
  3. Select the De-Install package for the component you wish to remove.
  4. Click the Installbutton.
  5. Click Restartwhen the de-installation has completed. To de-install manually, go to your System folder and delete the RAM Charger file from your Extensions folder and the RAM Charger General Settings and

More About This Mac files from the Control Panels folder. Then, in the Preferencesfolder (also in the System Folder) delete RAM Charger Settings, RAM Charger Active,More About This Mac Preferences, and any RAMCharger Preferencesfiles. (Installing RAM Charger makes no changes to your system other than adding these files.) Finally, restart the computer to remove RAM Chargerfrom your currently active system.




Please fill out and send us your registration card. (If you bought direct and did not receive a card, then you have been automatically registered.) Registered users are eligible for technical support, software updates, and special discounts on major upgrades and other products.


Updates posted for
free downloading

Minor updates to RAM Charger are posted, free for the downloading, on the Internet's World Wide Web. For the latest update information check the RAM Charger web page <http://www.RAMCharger.com>.


1. The previous version'sSize Prefs data files (with a possible backup copy) are no longer used, but they are not deleted so you can switch back to the previous version without losing your settings. This takes very little disk space but they may be removed if you wish.

2. You may also choose to install a time limited demonstration copy of the more extensive companion product, More About This Mac Pro.

3. Some system extensions (such as virus protection) and file sharing can interfere with an installer's operation, so it is best to disable your extensions before installing new software.

4. Note, that for installation to proceed, no other applications may be running. The installer will ask any open applications to quit but some have difficulties quitting in response to an installer. If you have any problem in this respect, make sure there are no other programs running before opening the Installer.

5. When entering your Serial ID, notice that all letters are printed in UPPER case. So, if you see an "I" it's an "eye," not an "ell." If you use a zero or one for the letters "oh" or "eye" the installer is kind enough to interpret them as the similar letters.

(RInstallA -- 03/10/98)

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