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RAM Charger 8 For Macintosh
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What you absolutely must know about Mac "memory"!


(Tech0022A -- 05/13/98)


RAM Charger helps all Macs, from 4 to 400 Megs Memory

RAM Charger is all about MEMORY



Memory is like your kitchen counter top.
Memory is the working space where everything gets done.

Applications and work, stored in your hard disk,
have to be taken out to
memory to be used.
(Get Info shows the size of each item)


Danger! Danger! Will Robinson!

If you run out of memory,
you'll have a hard time getting anything done

If you get messages like these, what can you do?

  1. The Old Way: Increase your total memory.
  2. The New Way: Use memory more efficiently.

Increasing "Memory"

Adding more memory helps some situations. You can enable virtual memory (Apple or RAM Doubler), or purchase more RAM. With more memory you will be able to use more items at the same time.

However, even with more memory, each item is still limited to its starting "preferred" size. So, if on a particular day you have a lot of dishes to wash, your sink may still get full despite your having plenty (maybe 91,093K) of unused memory! Your sink may still get full no matter how much memory you have!

You may quit sink, increase its starting "preferred" size using Get Info, and start it back up... but then it will waste space when there are few dirty dishes; and the next day, you may need the space for you new blender!

Using "Memory" Efficiently (RAM Charger)

Wouldn't it make a lot of sense if your sink could grow and shrink depending on how many dirty dishes you have? What if your sink could grow to use all available memory, and shrink down when there are few dirty dishes - making the space available for other applications?

Then your sink would't become "full" prematurely, and it would not take up excess memory when there were no dishes to wash! The would be like having more memory, and it would also be better memory.

In real life, this can't be done. But on computers there is a way...use RAM Charger!

Only RAM Charger starts applications in their minimum required size, and lets them grow and shrink while they operate (fuzzy info).

With RAM Charger, sink starts small, grows when needed, and shrinks back down when possible - all without quitting and changing its size in Get Info. Sink won't run out of memory, until all memory is in use!

RAM Charger is not just like having more memory, it is like having better memory. With RAM Charger, you can keep more applications open, and they don't run out of memory before the rest of your Mac does.

Using "Memory" Efficiently


Increasing "Memory"

Super bonus! Even if you are using memory efficiently with RAM Charger, you can still add more memory. And if you have already added more memory, you will still enjoy RAM Charger's dynamic memory.

RAM Charger is helpful no matter how much RAM, or virtual memory, you have.

Lot's of memory, or little memory
Virtual memory, or not
RAM Charger is for you!

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