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RAM Charger 8 For Macintosh
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Conservative Setup of RAM Charger 8.1
May 17, 1999

This page describes conservative configuration of RAM Charger. Once running with minimum functions enabled, it is possible for you to go back and enable individual features to take advantage of the full power of RAM Charger.

    One reason users may want to set up RAM Charger in a minimal configuration is because testing and reports indicate that RAM Charger may not operate fully under some configurations of OS 8.5/6 or later (as described here). However, some users may require RAM Charger for certain applications, and minimal configuration might help them. For example, a number of users have called claiming that they can only Synchronize their Palm Pilot if they use RAM Charger. Such a user might find enough value with RAM Charger only charging Now Conduit, with all other applications and features disabled.
Unlike many system enhancements, RAM Charger features may be enabled or disabled at many levels rather than just completely disabled in the extensions manager. Should you wish to be very conservative, or have some difficulties, it is possible to disable our bells and whistles and/or limit RAM Charger to enhancing a limited set of applications, yet still benefit from our product. In fact, while RAM Charger does help system wide, most people get the majority of benefit from "charging" a few of their most frequently used applications.

Here are the steps required to minimize RAM Charger's operation:

  1. Install fresh preferences (download our installer here)
  2. Open "RAM Charger Settings" from the Control Panels folder in your Apple Menu.
  3. Open Application Settings (button in lower left of general settings window)
  4. Open your Extension Manager and disable More About This Mac
By following the 4 steps above, RAM Charger will have minimal interaction with your operation. You may then open the Application Settings window (perhaps via Application Settings button at the bottom of the RAM Charger General Settings in your Control Panels folder) to enable "RAM Charged" for any applications you want to enhance (Now Conduit for Palm Pilot users).

Note that at any time you might go back and enable some of the functionality you have disabled, to see if it works fine for you. In specific:

Should you see any problems with RAM Charger, hopefully this information will make it possible to resolve the issue and still get some of the power.

Kind regards always,
Robert Thornton, President
Cris Mooney, Lead Programmer
Scott Johnson, Sales Coordinator

Jump Development Group


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