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Working With

Application menu of More About This Mac Pro provides a number of commands and options that can be applied to selected applications. Select an application from the list in the More About window by clicking on its entry or by typing its name. (A selected application is highlighted with a black background.) The selection may be extended to include more than one application by "shift-clicking" (pressing the shift key while clicking). You may also de-select individual applications by shift-clicking on them. To de-select the entire selection, either click at the top or bottom of the About window or press the Escape key.

Figure 4. Application Memory Info Window.



More About This Mac Pro includes options in the View menu that affect the sizing and location of the About window:

Open or Bring to Front brings the selected application into the foreground.

Hide or Show will either hide or show all the windows of the selected application (reversing its current state, whether shown or hidden).

Get Memory Info displays more memory and process information about the selected application in a separate window. (See Figure 4.)

Get Info In Finder opens the Finder’s Get Info window for the selected application.

Locate In Finder finds and displays the location of the selected application in the Finder.

Quit All Selected sends a quit command to the selected applications.


Drag & Drop to
Open Documents

More About This Mac Pro provides Drag and Drop access to the listed applications. To open an object, just drag it (or an icon representing it) to the desired application’s icon in the More About This Mac window. The application will be opened or brought to the front and given the object to be opened.

Figure 5. More About This Mac Window showing "Never Listed" Apps and Running or Not Applications.



Listing Selected
Applications Always
or Never

More About This Mac Pro lets you keep selected applications in the list all the time, whether they are running or not. On the other hand, you can choose to have applications never shown in the list, even when running. By default, applications are listed only when running (which is the only way it is done in the Finder’s About This Macintosh window).

If there are applications that you would like to see listed all the time, select them from the list in the About window, and select Listed: Running or Not (+) from the Application menu. This is useful for applications that you use frequently, such as SimpleText or Stuffit Expander,™ so they are always close at hand to open or drag and drop a document on.

To add an application to be listed running or not, without it already being running and listed, choose Add Application To List from the Application menu. A standard directory dialog box will then be provided to select an application. You may also drag and drop application icons from the Finder into the More About window to have them listed whether Running or Not

To remove an icon from the More About This Mac Pro window, simply select the application and press the delete key.

To have a Running or Not application revert back to being listed only when running, select it in the list and choose Listed: Only When Running from the Application menu. Or, if the application is not currently running, you may simply press the Delete key.

On the other hand, there may be applications that you would prefer to never have listed, such as those that run in the background only. To keep an application from being listed, even when running, select it in the About window and choose List: Never (-) from the Application menu.

To recall which applications have been set to be never listed, and perhaps undo their banishment, select "Never Listed" Apps from the View menu. With this view option enabled, Never Listed applications will in fact be listed in the About window, marked with a minus sign (—) beside their icons. Also, with this view option, any applications set to be always listed will be marked with a plus sign (+) beside their icons.


Keyboard Short-cuts

In addition to the command key equivalents for several of the application operations (as shown in the menus) there are a few additional keyboard short-cuts that can be used to control applications listed in the More About This Mac Pro window:

Double-clicking on any application icon in the About window will bring that application forward. Also, by simply single-clicking in the furthest left column, a check-mark will appear next to an application, and that application will be brought to the foreground.

By holding the option key and double-clicking on an application, the selected application will again be brought to the foreground but in addition the About window will become hidden.

Conversely, by holding the control key and double-clicking on an application, the About window will remain in the foreground but the selected application will become hidden.


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