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RAM Charger 8 For Macintosh
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New E-mail Order



The preferred method of purchasing our software is by using our online order form here. Though it is our opinion that ordering online is safe, some people do not agree. As a result, you may wish to submit your order via e-mail using one of the following techniques.

  • Copy the form below into your e-mail, fill it out, and encode the e-mail with PGP.
  • Copy the form below to Simpletext, fill it out, and send the SimpleText document (possibly compressed with a password) as an attachment to your e-mail.
  • Fill out the fax form, capture your screen with Cmd-Shift-F3, and mail the picture (saved on your startup disk) as an attachment to your mail.

Please submit the following form to: RAMCharger (at) RAMCharger.com with subject:"RAM Charger 8 Order:"

Start Of RAM Charger 8 E-mail Order Form
Visa or Mastercard #
Expiration Date:
First Name:
Last Name:
Postal Code:
Order Item: <List Below>
License ID: <For Upgrades Only - List Below>
 Copy and paste "delivery method - product" into form's "Order Item:"
  (PA residents add 7% tax)(pricing details)
  New Orders (ID Only? download first, ID's are non-refundable)
Email - RAM Charger ID $39.95
Email - RAM Charger ID + MATM Pro $49.90
US/Canada Mail - RAM Charger $49.90
US/Canada Mail - RAM Charger + MATM Pro $59.85
International Mail - RAM Charger $57.90
International Mail - RAM Charger + MATM Pro $67.85


End Of RAM Charger 8 E-mail Order Form

Frequently Asked Questions

  • For "ID" purchasing you must download our "RAM Charger 8" demo. The demo is fully functional, but time limited. When you purchase an "ID" you just reinstall our "demo", providing the license to disable the "timeout" and make RAM Charger 8 fully registered.
  • MATM Pro (More About This Mac Pro) is an enhanced version of our replacement for the Finder's "About This Macintosh" window. A "lite" version of MATM is provided with the base RAM Charger. The cost for MATM Pro purchased seperately is $14.95 ($5.00 more than bundled).
  • You do not need to send the "Start" and "End" lines of the order form.
  • You do not need to send the "delivery method - product" list.
  • If you cannot provide information for a field, leave it blank (for example you may not have a Company, Apt/Dept/Suite, or Fax).


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(Updated 11/23/98)