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Internet Credit Card Order Security


(Tech0025A -- 06/05/98)


As Internet users for over a dozen years, it is our opinion that security is not currently a significant issue when submitting credit card orders via the Internet. Though we agree that there is substantial credit card fraud on the Internet, we believe it is almost exclusively in the form of distribution of stolen credit card numbers.

Though it is possible for people to extract your credit card information from the Internet, we feel that you are more likely to have a clerk record your information, or have your phone tapped, than to have your Internet order intercepted. Actual theft of card numbers (not distribution) via the Internet is well below theft of credit card numbers via other techniques -- like by the clerk or operator to which you casually provide your card number.

What we advocate is appropriate risk evaluation. In our opinion, the Internet is no more risky than other accepted means of placing an order, despite its security issues. Since the Internet is relatively new, it is "cool" to talk about security issues while loosing perspective on general worldly risks. The world is full of gotchas, and we try and keep this in perspective rather than become part of the latest craze.

One may decrease the already low odds of having their credit card extracted from Internet traffic by:

  1. Breaking it up into multiple lines each with random tags like:
    • first numbers:9999
    • second group:9999
    • next sequence:9999
    • ending digits:9999
    • good until:9/9/99
  2. Sending it as a "pict". A snapshot of your computer screen is saved as Picture# on your startup disk with Cmd-Shift-3.
  3. Encypting it with a password using something like:

As a result, we do not currently employ a secure encryption form for submitting orders via the Internet.

We do recognize that not everyone agrees with this opinion. We suggest that users that are concerned may use the "email" forms which have links in the bullet list at the top of the new and upgrade online order form pages for submitting orders using alternate electronic methods.

Once we have your credit card number, your order is placed in a secure database on a computer that is not accessible from the Internet. Access to the database is limited to four Jump Development Group employees.


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