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How do I set the starting size of a Control Panel (AppleTalk, MATM)?


(Tech0011A -- 03/09/98)


Select "RAM Charger Application Settings..." from the Pull-Down Menu While the control panel is open, or use "File/Select Other..." within "RAM Charger Application Settings".

This can only be done if the "Control Panel" is actually an "Application", which appears in the "About" window and in the pull-down "application" menu at the very right side of your menu-bar, when the Control Panel is open. Simple "Control Panels" do not have a starting size - their memory usage is provided from within the Finder's own space.

Unfortunately, increasing the starting size for an application stored in a control panel, such as AppleTalk or More About This Mac (MATM), is somewhat difficult because the settings are not available in the Get Info window. For the same reason that the Finder does not display memory information in the Get Info window, applications conatined in "control panel" files are also not automatically listed in the RAM Charger Settings window (they are not of type application, and not all contain applications, and thus it takes too long to find them on your disk).

The simplest way to access the settings for these applications, like their starting size, is to pick "RAM Charger Application Settings" from the RAM Charger Pull-Down menu in your menu bar while the application is the currently active application. Since the Pull-Down menu is context sensitive, RAM Charger Settings will open up with the application automatically selected. Alternatively, you can use the "File/Select other" menu item in RAM Charger settings, and locate the application in your control panels folder.

Why are some applications contained in "Control Panel" Files?

The traditional "Control Panel" specification has inherent tecnnical limitations which make it difficult to provide substantial functionality. However, keeping certain software in the Control Panels folder has obvious organizational advantages for users. Since it has always been possible to package any combination of Control Panel, System Extension, and Application code in one file, this technique is now used by many vendors to provide more function while using the "logical" storage of a control panel. This technique is used by Apple in their AppleTalk control panel, and has been used by many other vendors as well. In specific, MATM is a control panel which also contains a "system extension" to modify the Finder "Apple Menu/About This Mac" menu item, and an Application which can provide the full functionality of More About This Mac.


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