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If you have any trouble with the installation or operation of
More About This Mac Pro, the following discussion of problems and solutions might help you get back on track. Any addendum or clarifications to this material will be found in the More About This Mac Read Me document copied to your installation disk. If you cannot resolve a problem, please send us e-mail. Technical support is free to all registered users.


Questions & Answers

Why do I see a message stating "More About This Mac Pro was unable to start" when restarting my computer?

This may be due to damaged files. In such a case reinstalling More About This Mac Pro is usually the solution. To install, you must use the Installer program on the distribution disk. During installation, files are copied to your startup disk and then configured for correct operation. For a list of files installed, see the Files installed on startup disk section. (It would also be wise to check for other damage to your startup disk or file system: start by running Apple’s Disk First Aid or another disk repair program.)

Why do I see a message stating that "More About This Mac Pro failed to start because its serial ID is in use on another computer"?

Each copy of More About This Mac Pro has a unique serial ID and is licensed to run on one computer at a time. You must buy and install a separate copy of More About This Mac Pro, each with its own serial ID, on each computer you wish to use it on.


Getting help

Balloon Help provides a description of each element in the More About This Mac Pro window. To see the help text, activate Balloon Help (Show Balloons from the Help menu) and point to the element in question. For more information about using help balloons, select About Balloon Help from the Help menu or see the Apple Macintosh Reference or Macintosh User’s Guide that came with your computer or system software.


More About This Mac

To temporarily remove More About This Mac Pro from your system, restart your computer and press the shift key immediately when the More About This Mac Pro control panel icon is displayed at the bottom of the screen. More About This Mac Pro will not be accessible via About This Macintosh in the Apple menu until the next time you restart.

To disable More About This Mac Pro for an extended period, either use one of the available system extension manager products or simply move the More About This Mac Pro file out of the Control Panels folder (put it on the desktop or make an inactive folder for this–one called Control Panels (Disabled) is commonly used for this). Whenever you move files in or out of the Control Panels folder, you must then restart the computer for the change to take effect.

To remove More About This Mac Pro completely from a startup disk, see the section on Removing or de-installing More About This Mac Pro.


Technical support

Technical support is available on the World Wide Web or by e-mail. Please provide the following information if you contact us, so that we can help with your problem:

The More About This Mac Pro serial ID and version number (select About More About This Mac from the Apple menu to find these).

The Macintosh model and System software version being used.

The steps you take which recreate the problem.

Also, if you call, it’s helpful to have your computer ready for reference.

Contact Jump Development Group via e-mail to RAMCharger (at) RAMCharger.com. Or, visit our World Wide Web site at <http://www.RAMCharger.com> for the latest information.

Registered users will be notified of the availability of major upgrades. Minor updates are available free for downloading. For the latest information check the Jump Development Group web page <http://www.RAMCharger.com>.


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