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More About This Mac Pro, the only place to find out how memory was being used was in the About This Macintoshwindow (also called About This Computer, depending upon your System Software version), opened from the Finder's menu.

While the Finder's About This Macintoshis useful in getting a general picture of memory use, it does have its limitations. For example, the bar labeled System Software includes all allocated memory other than that in the other listed program partitions. In particular, the System Software bar includes system objects, the Finder application partition, and any space for applications allocated outside of their static partitions (including space dynamically managed by the RAM Charger system enhancement).

More About This Mac Protakes the concept of Apple's Aboutwindow several steps further, providing more useful information, more flexible configuration, and more functionality.

The concept for More About This Mac Prodeveloped during several years of evaluating and resolving memory problems when using Macintosh computers. Another popular product developed by Jump Development Group, called RAM Charger, overcomes some of the fundamental limitations of the Mac OS memory manager. It became clear after working with hundreds of Mac users with memory problems, during the development and testing of RAM Charger, that an important part of helping these people keep their sanity was to give them better feedback and understanding about what was happening with the memory inside their computers. With understanding comes the ability to avoid many of the problems before they get out of hand (destroying and disrupting work). And with that comes peace of mind.

Because of the complementary nature of More About This Mac Proand RAM Charger, there are several connections between the products. People using both products will appreciate this integration even more. In fact, a simplified "Lite" version of More About This Macis included free with RAM Charger 8.

Some items in the Windowmenu of More About This Mac Proare provided to complete the interactive connection with RAM Charger, when both products are installed. Details of their operation are found in the RAM Charger documentation

To find out more about RAM Charger, please visit the Jump web site at www.RAMCharger.com. A time-limited trial version is available free for downloading.


(MIntroA -- 03/03/98)

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