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RAM Charger & MATM with MacOS 8.5
Feb 26, 1999
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Though many users have reported problems using RAM Charger and More About This Mac under Apple's OS 8.5.1, others report having no problems. At Jump Development Group, we are unable to confirm nor deny these claims. However, in the interest of allowing for the possiblity that there are other factors causing problems, here are messages from a couple of the users having no problems:

I found that on my Mac (6400/200-OS 8.5.1-32 meg ram) that disabling MATM followed by running Norton Utilities Disk Doctor eliminated the apperance anomalies I was getting. I did this yesterday and after several hours of stressing my computer into low ram situations( simultaniously running Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and GraphicConverter) I have found no problems I could attribute to Ramcharger-It is my feeling that the major malfuction with Ramcharger/MATM lies in MATM and not Ramcharger-I hope this feed back is helpfull - Steve (StevePMac (at) aol.com)

Thank you for a very nice and almost indispensable product. I see your problem with continued development of RAMcharger. However, I just wanted to mention that RAMcharger causes me no problem, except for the problem with the "Get info" dialogs. I am using it with 8.5.1 on a PB G3/292 MHz with lots of additional extensions.
Kind regards always,
Cris Mooney, Lead Programmer

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