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RAM Charger & MATM with MacOS 8.5
May 17, 1999
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Not too long ago (Feb 24 & 25, 1999), reports on MacInTouch talked about a problem that was found in MacOS 8.5 and 8.5.1. It is possible that this is aggravated by RAM Charger, and that this is at the root of some the problems some people have seen with RAM Charger 8.1 and OS 8.5. Could there be other such bugs introduced in recent Mac OS updates? At this point, we do not have any more concrete information. However, should you try this patch and find it is helpful, please let us know at RAMCharger (at) RAMCharger.com.

From MacInTouch:

Feb 25

Yesterday's report from Steve Jasik about a Mac OS 8.5 programming bug and patch brought mixed results to readers who tried it. One reported that it fixed severe crashing problems, while others disabled their systems in attempting to perform the patch. We recommend this experiment only for people who are technically adept with the Mac OS, but Joe Husk created a patcher (MacOS85patch.sit.bin [requires StuffIt Expander 5.1]) to simplify the process: "The patch will work on both Mac OS 8.5 and the updated Mac OS 8.5.1. If you patch Mac OS 8.5, you'll still be able to run the Mac OS 8.5.1 update without any problems (this has been tested)." [A similar patch, from Horst Prillinger, is also available.]
Feb 24

             Steve Jasik, an expert in Mac software debugging, found and fixed a "nasty bug in
             Mac OS 8.5 and later systems:"

                 "The manifestation of the bug is random tromping of memory, and
                 sometimes it corrupts the heap (this happens when an Application is
                 launched). The problem is that some programmer did a Load Contents
                 when he meant to do a Load Address. The fix is as follows:

                 Make a copy of the system file, and open it in a
                 resource editor. Open up the 'nlib', id = 11 resource
                 (name = NQDResidentCursor )

                 Either do a Find Hex for the pattern '0844' or goto
                 offset $1968 in the resource.

                 You should see:  83A0 0844 7FC9 03A6

                  CHANGE IT TO:   3BA0 0844 7FC9 03A6

                 Save the file, play the appropriate games to replace
                 the fixed System file [for] the running System file,
                 and re-boot."

Kind regards always,
Cris Mooney, Lead Programmer

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